30.08.1979      Born in Tehran/Iran

2000 - 2004     Study of Photography at the Azad University of Art and Architecture in Tehran

2008 - 2011     Study of Visual Arts at the HBK Saar in Saarbrücken/Germany. Thesis Advisors: Prof.  Gabriele Langendorf & Prof. Daniel Hausig





08.2015         LEVIATHAN`S WURMLOCH/ Kunstpunkte in Düsseldorf/Germany

08.2014         LET`S GO DANCING/ Kunstpunkte in Düsseldorf/Germany

07.2014         REFLECTION/ Plan.d in Düsseldorf/Germany/ Collective Exhibition 

11.2012         LOVE YOU/ Underground-Exhibition in Tehran/Iran/ Solo Exhibition

06.2012         MIX VERSTEH`N VIELFALT DER KULTUREN/ Brötzinger Art Gallery in  Pforzheim/Germany 

04.2012         COLLECTIVE EXHIBITION OF IRANIAN CONTEMPORARY/ Dar Al-Fonoon Art Gallery in Kuwait/ Collective Exhibition

09.2011         ZIEH DEM TIGER DAS FELL NICHT AB (Don’t flaying the tiger’s pelt)/ GEDOK in Karlsruhe/Germany/ Solo Exhibition

07.2011         PLAY/ Azad Gallery in Tehran/Iran/ Solo Exhibition

01.2011         I WANT TO FLY/ Orgelfabrik in Karlsruhe/Germany/ Collective Exhibition 

09.2010         THIS PLAY DOESN´T HAVE ANY WINNER/ Silk Road Gallery in Tehran/Iran/ Solo Exhibition

07.2010         SEI DAS WASSER (Be the water)/ Schöne Künste in Saarbrücken/Germany 

02.2010         FÜNF TAGE SIND KEINE WOCHW “Five days aren't a week"/ in Castle Dillingen/Germany/ Collective Exhibition